Fiddich positions you to uniquely combine the powerful benefits of AI without losing the importance of the human touch.

Organizations partner with us to attain the highest levels of excellence in their talent strategies. Serving as a critical partner for organizations, we take great pride in what we do — connecting great people to great opportunities, helping businesses win!

Each day, we work to be the best talent solutions provider in the world. To us, that means developing long-lasting partnerships and caring more than any other provider. We’ll go further to understand the needs of our customers, our candidates, and our employees and to deliver on our promises. That’s what differentiates us from our competitors. 

As a Managed Services Provider, we help companies strategically optimise the hiring of large numbers of highly qualified employees with a view to cost savings and efficiency.  A Contingent Workforce Solution of this kind involve improving the quality of services provided, streamlining suppliers, negotiating rates and so on. 

We provide outcome-based, talent-driven outsourcing of operations, functions and services to enhance flexibility and drive productivity. Built upon our deep recruiting experience and our expertise in crafting impactful outsourcing solutions, we deliver the talent you need to keep you ahead in a demanding world.

As business begins to pick up and your company is ready to grow, your volume of requests for new hires can skyrocket. Most HR departments simply don't have enough bandwidth to cover all of their company's recruiting needs in this situation. Fiddich RPO is ready to step into your existing structure to augment the recruitment process throughout the entire enterprise or wherever you need us.

Using recruitment process outsourcing for a department where you have the heaviest need, such as Sales or R&D, can lower your cost and reduce time-to-fill while providing consistency and uniformity within the workforce. Our staffing team can also manage all the sourcing, screening, and measurement tactics for your entire organization, while your existing recruitment team handles the interviewing, hiring and on boarding processes. Choosing which portions of the recruitment process you want to outsource, provides the flexibility to decide what is best for your business.

Our search process is thorough and is designed to streamline our clients' recruiting efforts. We begin by learning as much as we can about our client's organization.  Our understanding must span company history, environment, organizational structure, and specific team culture.  When screening candidates, we determine how each prospect will fit into that structure in addition to possessing the appropriate skill set to excel in a specific job opportunity.

We often cover most, if not all, functional areas within an organization, which allows us to gain a full understanding of all aspects of a company.

Using our wide network and technology systems to source candidates, we conduct a thorough vetting process and present a qualified short list to our clients.  Each candidate's profile is accompanied by a first-hand written description on their professional accomplishments, work history, stylistic qualities, and reasons for potential fit in your organization.

Our advantages

Top talent:  Our candidates are carefully selected and rigorously screened.  Only candidates of extraordinary caliber are submitted to our clients.  Our proprietary talent management systems boast a large and diverse talent pool that allows us to quickly identify pre-qualified potential talent.

Industry-aligned search specialists:  Our search specialists are aligned by industry and discipline.  This way, we understand each industry and job function more thoroughly.

Thorough submission process:  All candidates are submitted with a full profile describing their abilities, responsibilities, personality, previous work environment, thorough compensation history, and reference checks as needed.  We provide weekly status reports detailing progress made on each search.

Referral program:  We leverage social and professional networks to source the best talent.  As a result, most of our placements happen through referrals or existing relationships.  Our strong relationships and a compensatory referral program help bring exceptionally qualified candidates into our network.

Trust:  We work very closely with our clients as an extension of their internal recruiting team.  Our client partnership is the cornerstone to our success.  We are often asked to sit in on recruiting calls, and allow our recruiters on-site to assist with a client's overall recruiting process.