We are a global firm. Our customers reflect our global nature. Around 15% are in Europe, 30% in the Americas, 40% in Asia Pacific and 15% in the Middle East and Africa. We work with more than 20 of the Fortune 500

Our firm is designed to operate as one. We are a single global partnership united by a strong set of values, focused on customer success. We have no headquarters in the traditional sense. We take a consistent approach to recruiting and developing our people, regardless of where they are based. This structure ensures that we can quickly deliver the right team, with the right experience and expertise, to every customer, anywhere in the world.


Our people consists of a group of artists, engineers, writers, and psychologists deeply motivated to building humane machines.

The quality of our people is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our customers. For this reason, we invest tremendous resources in identifying exceptional people, developing their skills, and creating an environment that fosters their growth as leaders.