We extract insight from large volumes of complex data sets to help you refine how you engage with customers, employees and partners.

The use of SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies)  is already enabling our advanced analytics solutions to extract meaning from your data so you can refine the products, services and experiences required to outperform your competition. Whether through analytical models, systems integration or data analytics and strategic consulting, we can help your data drive experience.

Predictive analytics and data visualization services using IBM Watson, Google analytics, and Microsoft azure machine learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an idea that has oscillated through many hype cycles over many years, as scientists and sci-fi visionaries have declared the imminent arrival of thinking machines. We’re now at an actual tipping point. AI, expert systems, and business intelligence have been with us for decades, but this time the reality almost matches the rhetoric, driven by the exponential growth in technology capabilities, smarter analytics engines, and the surge in data. Fiddich Analytics services helps you find and improve data sets with the touch of a button. You can get to work quickly instead of spending precious time cleaning up and preparing your data. 

Fiddich Analytics services brings an engaging analytics experience in conversational terms you can understand. Whether you have a question to answer, an assumption to test or you are not sure what you want, Fiddich Analytics services has you covered.

Fiddich Analytics services automatically does the hard math to show you the most relevant facts, patterns and relationships. See not only what is likely to happen but also what you can do about it.